Don’t Stop Believing Box Set

I just thoroughly enjoyed this series. It was so much fun to get to know these incredible characters. To witness through great story telling, their complex lives, heat, passion and love. True fairy tale type Romances. I laughed, cried and was fanning myself.-TRenfro, Amazon reader

Complete South Beach Bad Boys Series Box Set Romance Collection #1

by Eva Luxe and Juliana Conners

Sale: $4.99


I was supposed to keep my hands off her. But I put a baby in her.

If word gets out, both of our careers will be ruined.
She decided to leave town so no one would find out.
She thought she should keep it a secret even from me.
But, just like when I took her innocence,
I always take what I want and claim what’s mine.
So I vow to find her, and protect them both.

But will the stakes be too high for our love to last?

* Don’t Stop Believing is a box set containing the entire South Beach Bad Boys series of standalone but connected steamy romance novels, featuring alpha male athletes in Miami and the forbidden love they find with the curvy ladies who win their hearts. They contain no cliffhangers, no cheating and a happily ever after between each couple who reappear as the books go on so you can catch up with your favorite characters. This set includes a never before published bonus novella exclusive to this collection, in which all the characters appear. Enjoy!

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Don’t Stop Believing Box Set