Perfect Fit


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Her shoe’s not the only thing that’s a perfect fit.

Prince Charming doesn’t get stood up for his wedding.
Yet here I am, without a bride
and stripped of my crown unless I can snag a stand-in.
Easy, right?
Not when I find the perfect pretend princess
who insists on putting up a fight.
She’s dressed in disguise and I don’t know her name
but her captivating curves leave me spellbound
and her seductive smile enchants me.
She’s way younger than me,
and hasn’t had her first magical, explosive… experience.
Then she runs out of my life
just as quickly as she ran into it,
leaving only a shoe.
I’m on a royal mission
to find the girl it fits
so I can slip it in snugly,
and we can create the kind of happy endings
that dirty fairy tales are made of.

Perfect Fit is a Modern Day Retold Cinderella Fairy Tale with a Fake Royal Marriage Twist. It is steamy and fun and features a hot alpha male prince and his feisty, curvy pretend princess with whom he finds a very happily ever after, of course. It’s a standalone with no cliffhangers and no cheating. Bonus content is included!

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Perfect Fit